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Village of Pender Website


The Village of Pender provides on one bill your fees for electrical, natural gas, water, garbage and recycling. To set up your utilities, contact the village office at 402-385-3232.

Broadband Internet

Local residents have multiple options for high speed broadband Internet access, including cable and DSL options provided through American Broadband and CenturyLink.


CENTURYLINK: 800-244-1111

Medical Services

Pender Medical Clinic: 402-385-3033

Pender Community Hospital: 402-385-3083

Dregalla Family Dentistry: 402-385-3188

Align Chiropractic: 402-385-6220

Herman Chiropractic: 402-385-0183

Mowing/Weed Removal

It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that vegetation and noxious weeds be mowed and removed if obstructing travel on public ways such as sidewalks and city streets.  Any property owner not maintaining their property will be reported to the Street Commissioner for mowing and property maintenance.  Associated fees will be assessed against the Real Estate at the County Treasurers office. 

Sidewalk Maintenance

Any occupant of any lot inside city limits shall not be allowed to have snow; sleet; mud; ice or other substance accumulate on their sidewalks.  If the area has experienced a storm the residential sidewalks shall be cleaned within twenty four hours after the cessation of the storm.  


 Pender has a leash law that requires all pets to be restrained when off the premises of the owner.  It is unlawful to allow your pets to run at large within the Village.  Pets running at large shall be impounded with the owner being charged with a misdemeanor.  Upon conviction the minimum fine is $100 for the first occurrence and $250 for the second occurrence.

Dogs over the age of 4 months are required to be licensed at the Village Office.  Females that are not spayed cost $3.00 – males and spayed females cost $2.00.  Each licensed dog receives a metallic dog tag to be attached to the pets’ collar or harness.  License fees are due annually by May 1st.    


Children under the age of 18 shall not loiter; stroll; wander; or loaf the streets or public places of the Village after 10:00 p.m. each day Sunday through Thursday.  Friday and Saturday evening the curfew is 12:00 – midnight.   

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